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Create a cybersecurity plan for your business

The Cyber Planner is of particular value for businesses that lack the resources to hire a dedicated staff member to protect themselves from cyber threats.

Cyber Security Audit Program

Free tools to assess the cybersecurity status of an organization. No previous IT security audit knowledge is required for using the tools.

The Top 10 IT Security Actions to Protect Internet-Connected Networks

Based on the Canadian Centre for Cyber Security (Cyber Centre) analysis of cyber threat activity trends and their impact on Internet-connected networks.

SANS: Security Policy Templates

SANS has developed a set of free security policy templates in collaboration with information security experts.

Cyber Security Small Business Guide

Quick and easy steps outlined in this guide could save time, money, and the reputation of a business.

Baseline Cyber Security Controls for Business

Canadian Centre for Cyber Security baseline controls intended for small and medium organizations.

Secure your Devices, Computers, and Networks

Malicious software can infiltrate or damage devices, computers, and networks. Tips to defend against them.

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IT Security

  • The Dark Web is a network of systems connected to the Internet designed to share information securely and anonymously. These capabilities are abused by cyber criminals to enable their activities, […]
  • A common method cyber criminals use to hack into people's computers is to send them emails with infected attachments. Cyber attrackers will try to trick you into opening these attachments […]
  • More and more scams and attacks are happening over the phone. Whenever you get an urgent phone call pressuring you to do something (such as a caller pretending to be […]
  • Never send an email when you are angry or emotional; you will most likely regret it later. Instead, open up an email and write everything you feel, but do not […]
  • Ransomware is a special type of malware. Once it infected your computer, it encrypts all of your files and demands you pay a ransom if you want your files back. […]
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