Tools & Calculators

Mortgage Calculator

Calculate your mortgage payment schedule and how to save money by making prepayments

Vehicle Lease or Buy Calculator

Compare the costs of financing or leasing a vehicle

Credit Card Payment Calculator

Find out how long it will take to pay off your credit card and explore options to pay it back faster

Taxable vs. Tax Advantaged Investments Calculator (Canadian)

This calculator is designed to help compare a normal taxable investment to two common tax-advantaged situations: an investment where taxes are deferred until withdrawals are made, and an investment where taxes are paid on money that goes into the account, but all withdrawals are tax-free

RRSP Loan Calculator (Canadian)

Use this calculator to see how an RRSP loan could help you in your retirement savings plan

Life Insurance Calculator (Canadian)

How much life insurance do you need?

Budget Planner

Create your budget and receive personalized tips to improve your finances

Commercial Loan Calculator

Use this calculator to estimate your debt service coverage with a new commercial loan

Debt Service Coverage Calculator

This tool calculates debt service and illustrates how debt service coverage ratios are impacted by changing income and capital assumptions

Business Valuation – Discounted Cash Flow Calculator

The discounted cash flow method calculates the net present value (‘NPV’) of future cash flows for an enterprise

Financial Ratios Calculator

Financial ratios indicate areas of business that may need attention such as solvency, liquidity, operational efficiency, and profitability

Inventory Analysis Calculator

The calculation attempts to keep your inventory level as efficient as possible while maintaining adequate safety stock

Breakeven Analysis Calculator

The break-even analysis calculator demonstrates how many units of your product must be sold to make a profit

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